Zara’s Bio

A Native Texan, I love dogs, dancing, Dr. Pepper, and the Aztec food of the gods, chocolate. I am a ‘very modern Milly’, who craves historical romances to nourish an antique soul. My child is a white Bichon — you will see her picture featured often.

My heroines are energetic ladies who challenge hot, but worthy, spies and dedicated bachelors. The heroic women in my stories help their men solve any challenge. In the process, the ladies love and tame the rogue they cannot live without.

While I enjoy reading romances set in the Regency period, my Starlight Series highlights difficulties facing women and men struggling to find their way amidst the chaos of World War II. My International Justice Bureau Series pits women and men of the Victorian era (I love the clothes of this period) against rogue spies, villains, and thieves.



Zara Flynn picture