Sexy Men

Errol Flynn circa 1940
Errol Flynn, one of the sexiest men of his era. 

What makes a male lead (hero) attractive to you?

Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)  comes into my mind instantly.  Are you counting the days until Outlander returns? I am definitely looking forward to that pleasure.

Ryan Paevey who used to be on General Hospital is tall, dark, and gorgeous in my opinion. He has also appeared in Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Marrying Mr. Darcy on the Hallmark channel.  If you love handsome men, (who doesn’t?) check him out.  He is the actor I visualized when I created Major Hart Kensington, the hero in Sabotage by Starlight. That is the first novel in my Starlight Series that takes place in New York City during the last stage of World War II.

Don’t you love a man in a kilt? The second book in the series, Deception in Scotland,  is set in the land of the Scots. During the all out effort to fight the Germans in World War II,  factories in Scotland were converted to build engines and wings for Spitfire fighter planes. These books are stand alone novels so it doesn’t matter which you read first. The connection to all the novels in the series is that at least one character in each book of the series graduated from Oxford between 1936 and 1938. (Please forgive that I wrote a book set in 1945 before I wrote the next in the series set in 1942. I have a meandering brain.) I tell you this so that you will understand from the beginning that my brain meanders excessively. Please don’t hold that against me. I hope we will become good friends.

I probably should have mentioned as my first snippet that I love history. I was a world history teacher long ago and far away.  In addition to my World War II series, I write a series of novels set in the Victorian era.

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