Privacy Policy

Updated: 10 . 1 . 2018

I am a private person myself, so be assured I value your privacy. I use SSL (encryption) to protect your data in transit to and from this site as well as robust security software to protect the integrity of this siteĀ and in turn your data. Hang on while I explain what I collect.

The only information I store is information that you provide freely:


I collect your name and email address so that I can send you horrifically infrequent updates about what is going on in my world. What can I say? IĀ  am terribly shy.

Your email address will be checked by a third party (CleanTalk) just to make sure you are a real person and not a spammer. Although spammers are often real people, too, I wish to talk to you, not them.

Want to be removed from this list? Click unsubscribe at the bottom of any newsletter. In addition, you should know the newsletters do send a message back to my website when they are opened. This helps me to better design content you may enjoy.


If you use the Add To Any sharing buttons (Facebook, Google, etc.) your anonymized information and information about what you have shared will be stored by Add To Any for 30 days or less only so they can keep track of how many people have done what.


To allow for discussion, you have the opportunity to post comments on my website. Please do. I feel lonely otherwise. Be aware that CleanTalk will check your comments for spam. They only store your information for a few days to allow me to argue with them about if you are a spammer or not. They will never sell your information.

Contact Page

Just like with everything else, CleanTalk protects us both. Your contact page comments will be emailed to me. They are not stored on my website.


Contact me through my contact page and I will answer it.